Alcopops Primer

Alcopops are the sweet alcohol beverages that promote underage drinking by acting as a conduit from soft drinks to alcohol. Approximately 75 percent of the alcohol consumed by youth from the ages of 14 to 17 years old is in the form of alcopops. Alcopops are incorrectly classified as beer and therefore should be reclassified to reflect the fact that the alcohol in them is a distilled spirit. The act would generate $16 million for the state, half of which should be dedicated to addiction treatment and prevention.

Youth who begin to drink alcohol before the age of 15 are seven times more likely to have alcohol related problems later in life than those who wait until they are 21. Underage drinkers are very sensitive to price and many studies have shown that increasing the price of alcohol reduces youths ability to purchase it, which results in reduced underage drinking rates.

A primer detailing this issue is available here.

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