NCADD-NJ produces public awareness campaigns, tools and resources, and is now making them available to you, your community, organization, school, or office for a small fee.


Recovery Happens
Recovery advocates from around the country participated in PSAs produced by NCADD-NJ.

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Will you be able to get treatment when you need it? NCADD-NJ's 30 second spot produced by NJN highlights that 1 in 3 New Jerseyans have a family member with a drug or alcohol problem but, Recovery is possible. Most New Jerseyans assume that treatment is readily available. It's not that simple.

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NCADD-NJ's Advocacy Video
Together There's Nothing We Can't Change is a documentary short film that tells personal stories about the importance of addiction advocacy. Policymakers, addiction professionals, private citizens and people in recovery talk about the need to communicate often and locally with legislators about important policy issues.
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New Jersey’s Sixth Annual Rally for Recovery stretched for what appeared to be miles along the shore of the Hudson River and had an emotional reach in its celebration of recovery.

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These color, glossy posters have been made available to help spread the facts about youth drinking to your family, friends and neighbors.

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