Bill No. A-1893/S-1950
Doubles the Drug Enforcement and Demand Reduction fines imposed for the possession or distribution of certain club drugs. [No. 9, 2002-03]

Bill No. S-2006 / A-3004
Permits a student to participate in a voluntary survey if the district sends prior written notification to the student’s parents. [No. 8, 2002-03]

Bill No. S-1520/A-2487
Requires health insurers to provide coverage for alcohol and drug addiction treatment under the same terms and conditions as for other diseases or illnesses.[No. 7, 2002]

Bill No. S-487
Provides for instruction of middle school and high school students in the dynamics of domestic violence and child abuse. [No. 6, 2002]

Bill No. SR-42
Urges certain State departments to conduct a joint study on alcohol and drug use by teenagers in motor vehicles. [No. 5, 2002]

Bill No. A-1620
Establishes demonstration needle and syringe exchange program in DHSS. [No. 4, 2002]

Bill No. A-241
Awards good time or work credits to state inmates who successfully complete a substance abuse treatment program. [No. 3, 2002]

Bill No. A-237
Suspension of driver's license for six months and required community service of up to 180 days for possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on public property. [No. 2, 2002]        

Bill No. A-1605
Prohibits alcohol and tobacco advertising within 500 feet of schools. [No. 1, 2002]



Bill No. S-634
Increases annual funding of Alcohol Education, Rehabilitation and Enforcement Fund (AEREF).[No. 2, 2000]

Bill No. A-1041
Reduces blood alcohol level at which a person is considered to be guilty of drunken driving from 0.10 Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) to 0.08 BAC. [No. 1, 2000]



Blueprint to Combat New Jersey's Number One Public Health Problem: Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
This blueprint outlines a set of tobacco settlement policy recommendations endorsed by 15 organizations representing New Jersey's many citizens concerned with the prevention and treatment of alcoholism and drug dependence. [No. 1, 1999]



An Action Plan to Reduce Teen Alcohol, Drug & Tobacco Use & Drug-Related Crime
In 1996, Gov. Christie Whitman announced The Governor's Drug Enforcement, Education and Awareness Program in response to troubling surveys related to middle and high school student drug use. NCADD - New Jersey's released its own Action Plan that presents a comprehensive set of policy recommendations to reduce teen alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and drug-related crime that are just as valid today as when they were first presented in 1996. [No. 1, 1997]

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