Friends of Addiction Recovery-New Jersey (FOAR-NJ), a project at the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence-New Jersey, was founded in September 2000. A grassroots recovery community organization, FOAR-NJ comprises individuals in recovery, family members, friends, supporters and other allies. A vision and mission were developed and members were welcomed regardless of how recovery was achieved. Since its founding, the organization has worked with the recovery community in New Jersey to promote and celebrate recovery, and overcome the stigma associated with addiction.

From 2002 to 2008 FOAR-NJ held an annual Recovery Walk in the state.  It drew between 2,000 and 2,500 members of the recovery community, including individuals in recovery, friends, families and other allies.

In furtherance of its mission, FOAR-NJ initiated a variety of other projects including:

-         Recovery Support Learning Circles – current  (link forthcoming)

-         Consumer Advisory Committee - What's Client-Centered, Recovery-Oriented Care?

-         Recovery Voices Count Campaign

The organization continues to take its message to the public and recovery community in New Jersey, providing training opportunities for members and others interested in serving the recovery community, as well as, outreach, networking, advocacy and other activities. Recent opportunities include volunteering for the Advocacy Leadership Initiative, Advocacy Partners, and Think Advocacy membership, the recovery voices count campaign

The organization maintains connections with the addiction recovery movement through its contact with Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR) and other addiction recovery community organizations nationwide.

FOAR-NJ's in collaboration with BCADD-NJ holds leadership, organizational and other trainings for its members and others who wish to participate. This enables individuals to strengthen their existing skills while collaborating with others to help them with their service work.


Though many members of Friends of Recovery choose to disclose their recovery and talk about it publicly, there is no pressure placed on members to do so. The organization is aware of and respectful of the traditions of 12-Step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon and Narcotics Anonymous. Members who belong to a 12-step group are encouraged not to divulge their membership when speaking to the press, radio, television and other members of the media. We see the primacy of recovery as a key value in our organization. We urge new members and individuals in early sobriety to focus on recovery first.


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Recovery Voices Count

Get Out and Vote!

Recovery is working for millions of Americans and the recovery community is a constituency of consequence. Be sure to get out and vote on Election Day!

Growing numbers of recovery community organizations and recovery advocates across the country are getting involved in nonpartisan voting activities so that their voices can be heard in the local, state and national arenas. They are conducting voter registration and Get-Out-the-Vote activities, sponsoring candidate forums and getting candidates for political office on record about critical policies that will make recovery a reality for even more Americans.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence - New Jersey (NCADD-NJ) and Friends of Addiction Recovery - New Jersey (FOAR-NJ) will lead New Jersey as one of ten states selected by Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR) in its non-partisan Recovery Voices Counts Campaign. NCADD-NJ and FOAR-NJ have been asked to focus on three Civic Engagement Activities as part of the Recovery Voices Count Campaign: voter registration, education, and participation.

On Tuesday, November 2nd, you will have the opportunity to make an impact on who’s elected. We will be voting for The House of Representatives. As New Jersey’s 2010 General Election draws near, voters and candidates might want to contemplate how addicted individuals have been stigmatized and consider pursuing sound public policies that recognize addiction for what it is: a preventable and treatable disease. Educated voters like you are one of the most important means of pursuing such policies. With that in mind NCADD-NJ will produce its 2010 Election Guide and Candidate survey to highlight some important issues pertaining to prevention, treatment of and recovery from alcoholism and drug dependence. The candidate survey responses help voters to assess the overall agreement with and support for principles and issues related to the prevention and treatment of and recovery from of alcohol and drug addiction.  As a voter it will be helpful to be aware of these issues so that your voice can be heard. Keep your eyes out for the 2010 Election guide, Candidate Survey, and Candidate responses.



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Activities and Opportunities

Friends of Addiction Recovery-New Jersey (Friends) offers people who are interested in prevention, treatment and addiction recovery a host of events and opportunities throughout the year.Consider volunteering to participate in a learning circle at the New Jersey Prison.  Sign up to be a part of the Recovery Voices Count Campaign. Consider applying for the Advocacy Leadership Program.  Join your local district team that meets to discuss and advocate for good policy initiatives and legislation that supports addiction prevention, treatment and recovery.

Consumer Advisory Committee focuses on a treatment model in which client choices are informed, their input is valued, multiple pathways to recovery are honored, and addiction is treated as a chronic primary disease. Consumer Advisory Committee members have been playing a critical role in fostering recovering persons, family members and other stakeholder involvement in the development and transformation to a client-centered and recovery oriented system of addiction care..

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