Leadership Partner Program


Thank you for your interest in NCADD-NJ’s Leadership Partner Program.!

The “Leadership Partners” program is volunteer based and designed to network community members like yourself with NCADD-NJ’s trained Advocacy Leaders in your area.  The easiest way to do that is to join your Regional Advocacy Team.

What exactly do Leadership Partners do to support advocacy?

Leadership Partners support Advocacy Leaders in their statewide efforts for policy change by adding to the strength and visibility of the grassroots movement. Leadership Partners help to localize the issues the Advocacy Leaders work on and add clout and strength behind the Advocacy Leaders stories. Leadership Partners also attend a number of trainings that are exclusive to the leadership partners to enhance their knowledge around key issues in New Jersey, and to better help the leadership partners understand their roles and the leadership model NCADD-NJ uses.


Anyone can become a leadership partner! Become a leadership partner by joining your regional team by emailing akucharski@ncaddnj.org, with your name, county, and address (so we can find your legislative district). By attending your regional advocacy team meetings and upcoming events you can make your way up to being a recognized Advocacy Leader by meeting these requirements. Many Leadership Partners become Advocacy Leaders by meeting the requirements over time.

Requirements for Leadership Partners to become NCADD-NJ Advocacy Leaders:

• Attending one “Our Stories Have Power” training to develop your advocacy story. This training will help you to advocate using language that addresses stigma including community and media messaging. In addition to the “Our Stories Have Power Training” you are required to take an “Advocacy 101: How to Impact Policy” training offered by NCADD-NJ throughout the year. To request a training, or for a list of upcoming trainings email Advocacy@ncaddnj.org.

• Attending a majority of your regional advocacy team meetings

• Participate in NCADD-NJ events that the advocates organize in your community

• Attend in support of, or testify at a public hearing with either written or live testimony on an issue that is important to you, or participate in legislative office visits

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