Position Papers (continued)


S-760, A-824
Permits a student to participate in a voluntary survey if the district sends prior written notification to the student’s parents.

Eliminates enhanced penalties and mandatory prison sentences for drug offenses committed within 1,000 feet of school property or within 500 feet of public facilities. [No.13-2004/05]

Requires that child care centers and playgrounds be notified of any hearing regarding the issuance or transfer of a liquor store license.[No.12-2004/05]

S-2169, S-1973, S-2071
Provides and increases appropriations for drug and alcohol treatment.[No.11-2004/05]

SR-74 /AR-159
Urges the Commissioner of Human Services to update the New Jersey Behavioral Health Service plan to ensure that allocations from the Alcohol Education, Rehabilitation and Enforcement Fund (AEREF) reflect county treatment and prevention needs. [No.9 2004-05]

Authorizes court to refrain from imposing driver’s license suspension on defendant convicted of Controlled Dangerous Substance offense if compelling circumstances are present.
[No. 10 2004-05]     

Increases annual funding of Alcohol Education, Rehabilitation and Enforcement Fund (AEREF). [No.8-2004]

A-3256, A-3257
Establishes the “Blood-Borne Disease Harm Reduction Act” and provides for the establishment of sterile syringe access programs. Permits limited pharmacy sales of syringes and needles without a prescription. [No.6-2004]

Establishes Alternative to Discipline Program for impaired nurses through the New Jersey Board of Nursing. [No. 7-2004]

Revises mental health coverage requirements and requires health coverage for alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Supplemental appropriation of $1,793,000 to Judiciary to expand the drug court program statewide. [No.4-2004]

Requires keg registration; makes the unlawful possession of an unregistered keg a petty disorderly persons offense. [No.3-2004]

Awards good time or work credits to State inmates who successfully complete a substance abuse treatment program. [No.1-2004]

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