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Addiction Action is a grassroots partnership working to promote HBO's groundbreaking ADDICTION Project, and help communities mobilize to build on this powerful opportunity to expand public understanding of addiction, treatment, and long-term recovery.

CADCA Resources
The National Coalition Institute has compiled resources to help your coalition achieve its goals, including:
Community-based Participatory Research
2012 National Drug Control Strategy
Evaluation and Research
Social Engagement Tools

Center for Prevention and Counseling (Sussex County)
CPC is dedicated to the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, treatment through education, training, intervention, community awareness, information/referral services and counseling in Sussex County.

Mercer Council on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
MCADA provides prevention, education, assessment and referral services in Mercer County. It advocates for those who are affected by addiction to tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

NCADD of Middlesex County, Inc.
NCADD – MC promotes the health and well being of individuals and communities in Middlesex County through the reduction or elimination of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use problems.

New Jersey Prevention Network
The NJPN provides professional prevention work in the state’s 21 counties. It works with municipal alliances, schools, DARE officers, family court, mental health agencies, local governments and many other constituent groups.

NIAAA 2007 Alcohol and Tobacco Alert
Alcohol and tobacco1 are among the top causes of preventable deaths in the United States (1). Moreover, these substances often are used together: Studies have found that people who smoke are much more likely to drink, and people who drink are much more likely to smoke (2). Dependence on alcohol and tobacco also is correlated: People who are dependent on alcohol are three times more likely then those in the general population to be smokers, and people who are dependent on tobacco are four times more likely than the general population to be dependent on alcohol (3).

Parent to Parent Coalition
The PPC helps adolescents, young adults, and parents through education, support, advocacy, and assistance in finding treatment for those struggling with substance abuse.

Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey
PDFNJ functions as state anti-drug alliance to localize, strengthen, and deepen drug-prevention media efforts.

Prevention First (Monmouth County)
Prevention First seeks to minimize and eliminate the incidence and impact of substance abuse and violence, improve human relationships in families, schools, and workplaces, and develop healthy lifestyles in all Monmouth County communities.

Reach Out, Inc.
Reach Out, Inc. is a New Jersey based non-profit organization that educates and promotes awareness about the perils of illegal drugs, alcohol abuse, tobacco, crime, violence, prejudice, and life threatening diseases such as AIDS.

Youth Alcohol Use
NCADD-NJ's three primers cover Youth Alcohol Issue such as: Lifeline 911 Legislation, Youth Alcohol Use on Private Property, and Keg Registration

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