Team 5 Archive

Regional Team #5 is made up of leaders from legislative districts 14, 15, 16, & 17.  Advocacy Leaders on this team include:


Christianne Harley Allen

Jeff Beck

Bryan Bradford

Christie Cianciosi

Bill Coleman

Laura Conners

Ron Culver

Constance Dalton

MaryAnne Fougere

Devin Fox

Jeannete Grimes

Bill King

Dennis Lee

Agnes Newton

Paul Ressler

Bev Sample

Marshell Williams



Team 5 has been meeting monthly, and focusing on a number of issues. Team 5 members were instrumental in passing the Overdose Prevention Act (Good Samaritan Law and Naloxone)a law that will save lives in New Jersey, and encourage people to call 911 in the event of witnessing a drug overdose without fear of being prosecuted. NCADD-NJ Advocate, and Team 5 member, Paul Ressler has been focused on this issue for a long time, since he lost his son to an overdose. Paul has advocated for a Good Samaritan Law in hopes that other parents won’t have to go through what he went through as a family member. Paul and many more advocates got to witness Governor Christie sign the bill into law with many family members, advocates, and even Jon Bon Jovi who encouraged the Governor to sign the bill.

Here are some photos of the press conference with Team 5 advocates in attendance and some form the statehouse where advocates witnessed the Senate approve the bill sponsored by Drug Policy Alliance. 


Team 5 is also partnerign with the Division of Aging, and Human Services, on hosting an event for Recovery Month specific to the senior population. This is an issue rarely talked about but so important, so the Team looks forward to its next meeting on June 2nd to continue the planning. More details will be released on the September event soon.

Team 5 member Mary Fougere also met with her Senator to discuss the Certificate of Recovery Bill, a bill that will help remove barriers after an individual that has 5 years of stable recovery.

TEAM 5 Archive:

Team 5 put on an incredible event in July on “The Science of Addiction and Recovery” in Mercer County that drew close to 80 people! There were many resource tables available to the community in Team 5’s effort to fight the stigma associated with addiction and people in recovery. Here are some photos from that event and it is covered in this article in Perspectives (page 3) Science of Addiction Article


Team 5 will continue to work on issues related to addressing stigma.  They met on September 29th, and will meet next on Sunday October 21st in Hamilton.

Issues that will be discussed is the conditional veto to the Good Samaritan Law, as well as debriefing the community forum, and next steps to advocacy.  Team 5 welcomes 5 new leaders to their team!

The next Team 5 meeting will be held on Sunday October 21st.

If you live in this area and wish to join this team’s efforts please email Aaron Kucharski at



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