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Regional Team #8 is made up of leaders from legislative districts 21, 27, 28, 29, 31, 32, 33, 36, 37, 38, & 39.  Advocacy Leaders on this team include:

TEAM 8 Archive

Team 8 filled up the room at Eva’s Village for an amazing forum on “Many Pathways to Recovery” which was not only strongly attended by the community, but was also attended by two elected officials in Assemblymen Gary Schaer and Thomas Giblin! Both elected officials were impressed with the turnout and discussion from eight different speakers on eight different pathways ranging from drug court, 12 step fellowships, faith based, medication assisted treatment, and traditional treatment (among others!) The listening panel was complete with Devin Fox, the recovery advocate for the Division of Addiction Services, and Wayne Wirta (NCADD-NJ President) and Eva’s Village Executive Director Mike Santillo. Take a look at some photos and read more (from Perspectives, page 1) on the event below!


Team 8 also had a pretty significant victory in their area as a couple Team 8 members had been working on the “Ban the Box” initiative in Essex county which is now in effect thanks to their efforts and others in the area! “Ban the Box” levels the playing field with people that are working to find employment that were formerly incarcerated for a crime. “The Box” is the question that asks about criminal records on a job application. Nice victory Team 8 on removing a barrier for many people in recovery working to reclaim their lives, be a part of society, and find steady gainful employment in Essex County! Hopefully this initiative expands beyond the borders of Essex County!

Team 8 met on September 29th, and on October 14th to see how they wanted to move forward with a new class of leaders present! The three things the team isfocusing on are • Educating communities and the criminal justice commission on the Good Samaritan Bill that was conditionally vetoed by the Governor. This item hits close to a lot of the advocates hearts as they continue to make progress with this bill as they plan to write letters to the editor, and provide written statements to the commission that will be formed as a part of the bill that researches overdoses for the next 18 months. The team also wants to plan a day at the statehouse where they can tell stories to the Governor’s office.

• “Our Stories Have Power Training” at Eva’s village will be promoted by the group. Team 8 wants recovery advocates to speak on recovery issues so a training will take place soon at Eva’s village that will be open to the public (especially people in recovery)

• A community forum designed especially towards youth. Many of the advocates want to work on youth issues and will be planning a forum designed to attract youth. Hopefully by finding a local celebrity that can speak on the issues!

The next Team 8 meeting is Sunday November 11th at 3PM at Eva’s village (16 Spring Street) in Paterson

If you live in this area and wish to join this team’s efforts please email Aaron Kucharski at


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